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School Children Offered Laptops For Distance Learning

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Since the schools were forced to close last month, lots of pupils have struggled with home learning due to lessons only being available online.

Indeed, the Department for Education is providing free lessons for primary and secondary school students on the internet, while teachers are setting work to be completed on websites and apps.

However, those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds will struggle to access these facilities as they might not have a laptop or computer device of their own. In this case, some pupils in Year 10 who will taking their GCSEs next year will be offered this technology, so they do not fall behind with their work.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson was reported by the BBC as saying: “By providing young people with these laptops and tablets and enabling schools to access high-quality support, we will enable all children to continue learning.”

He added: “We hope this support will take some of the pressure off both parents and schools by providing more materials for them to use.”

In addition to this, some 4G routers will be provided to help families who do not have good connection to the internet, so their children can continue to access learning resources online.

Internet access and digital devices will be given to care leavers and children with social workers, while more support will be provided to schools to access online platforms to enable teachers to set and collect work from students, as well as training on how to use these remote services.

The heavy reliance on computers through this lockdown period demonstrates just how important a grasp of technology is, particularly for youngsters. This is why kids coding courses could come in handy in the future, helping the next generation boost their knowledge of this area even further.