Sleigh the Christmas holidays at our December coding camps!


Here at blue{shift}, we’re really looking forward to another camp, and with it being so close to Christmas we couldn’t help but plan some fun Christmas-themed activities for all of our campers! Whilst these are mainly focused on our younger campers, we do encourage older children to join in. If they don’t fancy it we do have some more age appropriate playtime activities for them to occupy themselves with, as well as a classic Nintendo Wii for them to play on!

On Monday, we’ll be playing a bean bag toss carnival game in which campers need to try and throw a bean bag through goals on a Christmas-themed picture. They can score points depending on which hole they manage to get their bean bag through. It’s harder than it looks - our office team have had a go with varying degrees of success! They’ll also be trying out our inflatable reindeer antlers with a partner: one child wears the antlers whilst another tries to throw hoops on to them. The team with the most amount of hoops caught on their antlers wins

On Tuesday we’ll be bringing back an activity which was a massive hit with our blue{shift} campers in October... Temporary tattoos and face paint. We have lots of temporary tattoos ready for our campers to decorate themselves with including snowflakes, gingerbread men, elves and Santa himself! Our artistic teachers will be on hand with some face paints to help transform children into snowmen and reindeer, or anything else they fancy.

We’ll be bringing the children together on Wednesday to play a couple of games of pass the parcel. Campers will take it in turns to pass around a big brussel sprout and if the music stops when they’re holding it they get to take off a layer and find out what’s inside. These parcels have a little twist: they contain prizes, fun forfeits, and even party hats!

On Thursday we’ll be playing Christmas Bingo. Each child will be given a sheet of Christmas characters to listen out for, if they get a row then they win the round. We have a wide range of prizes to choose from for our winners.

Finally, on Friday we’ll be playing pin the nose on the reindeer’. The Halloween-themed version of this game was a hit at our October camps so we thought we’d bring it back again! But this time our campers will have to try and stick the nose on the reindeer once they’ve been spun around. Closest to where a nose should be wins.

Throughout the week campers will get to have a go at a host of Christmas crafts at early drop off, lunch time and late pick-up. They can make their own door hanger for Santa,  Christmas tree decorations and decorate finger puppets. They’ll also be taking part in some Christmas themed projects in class such as creating a Santa Map in Mini Coders and Christmas-themed pong in Scratch!