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Summer of Super Intelligence

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Another summer of coding adventures has ended, and what a great time we had during our six weeks.

Through some record-breaking hot summer days our young learners were able to combat the heat and enjoy our Coding, 3D Design, Robotics, Animation, and the many other programmes we were running.  We even had our own record breakers - our youngest-ever campers joined us as they started their coding journeys!

Our summer campers had a great experience learning a ton of new skills and were able to strengthen their teamwork, problem solving and digital literacy abilities. As our Innovators program centered around ideas and designs towards making sustainable cities, they spent time constructing bridges, stadiums and more! 

A lucky group of children had the opportunity to use 3D printers to create their own wave breakers, and then doubled the fun by testing them out! 

The future looks promising with young minds like these!

This summer we were overjoyed with the number of young girls that joined us at our camps. At BlueShift we are big supporters of giving women equal opportunities to pursue and thrive in STEM careers. We love to see so many female students participating and doing brilliantly at our camps and we hope that their interest in STEM continues to grow!

When the brains needed a break, the children were happy to enjoy their lunch outdoors with some fun activities to get the heart pumping, and even teach the educators some new things!

A special thank you to all of the wonderful teachers and our operational support, as well as all of the children who joined us and helped make this summer a smashing success.

The summer may be over, school may be starting, but there’s more fun to be had at our half-term October courses, so don’t miss out! 

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