The 7 Best Coding Languages For Kids


Coding is a great way to teach kids a wind range of skills, far beyond purely programming a computer, including creativity, analytical skills, logic, problem-solving, and how to use the scientific method. Critically, it is considered one of the most valuable skills to possess when it comes to future success.

However, most parents will maybe feel a little lost with where to start when it comes to coding.  There are an astounding array of apps that teach coding skills, such as these curated by Apple, but if you want a quick guide to the best languages for your kids to learn, we have a list here.


Beginner Coding Languages for Kids


Scratch 3.0  (Visual programming/ foundational)

Scratch is a visual programming language which provides kids with a solid foundation of programming principles. It is best for children who have no prior experience in programming. It teaches coding by the use of drag-and-drop block codes that can animate characters, build games and apps, and more. Ask about our coding for beginners using Scratch!


Lua (used with Roblox and Pico-8. Quick-to-learn/gaming)

Lua is ideal for both kids and teens who want to learn a language for creating games quickly. It has a short learning curve and is easy to embed, so it's a good choice for learning how to code a game.



While HTML and CSS are not technically programming languages, they are an easy way for kids to learn text-based syntax and they provide a basic foundation for learning programming languages.



Python is one of the easiest coding languages. It uses fewer lines of code to get going and is recommended for kids and teens who want to get started quickly and/or those interested in pursuing scientific fields like artificial intelligence.


C# (used with Unity. Visual/gaming)

C# is very popular and often used for Windows applications, so students who are interested in working with Windows may pick this language to learn.

Intermediate Coding Languages for Kids


Java (used on Minecraft)

Java is best for intermediate coders looking to strengthen their coding skill sets. Java is recommended to teens who want to develop a strong understanding of programming and those who are patient enough to take time to learn the language’s syntax.


Javascript (Web design)

This language is great for students interested in web development and design. It is also a fundamental language of programming. You can use it to create a web-based, 2D game.

If you’re looking for Javascript coding for kids or any other coding courses, talk to us today.