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The Best Games To Learn Code

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Learning to code is a great way to pick up new skills and develop existing ones. But whether you’re an adult or a child, it is much easier to learn new skills when you are putting them into practice.

For children, there is a wide range of educational toys that can teach kids about STEM activities, while also providing hours of fun. There are also some great games out there that can teach you how to code while having fun, and we have a look at three of the best here:


  1. CodinGame

CodinGame is not only ridiculous fun, but it’s also free! The game is designed to help you build up a profile and get hired in a relevant field. It is similar to other well-known coding sites such as Leetcode and HackerRank, but there is much more effort into presenting the educational aspects as a game.

Create your developer profile, which fills out the more you code and play. When youre ready, you can open it up to companies of your choice and perhaps get hired doing what you love.


  1. Gladiabots - AI Combat arena

Gladiabots is an award-winning game that combines strategy and programming. In the game, you put robots against each other, but instead of taking control of the robots directly, you programme their AI and let them fight by themselves.

Debug, improve and fix your AI until its able to outsmart your enemies in three unique game modes, Elimination, Domination and Collection, as well as single and multiplayer modes. You can buy Gladiabots on Steam for around £13.


  1. CheckiO

CheckiO works with the Javascript and Python programming languages, helping you improve your coding skills through fun tasks, games, and challenges. It is similar to CodinGame and supports everyone from beginner to advanced-level programmers.

You must make your way through a series of islands, beginning with “initiation” (very easy challenges). When you beat one, you unlock the next. CheckiO is freed, but you can also subscribe for around £2 a month for ‘Awesome Member’ status.


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