The Most Famous Games For Modding


Learning to code is exceptionally fun and rewarding, and there are many places to start developing your understanding of the basic principles of programming.

One of the most interesting and one that provides immediate feedback is game modifying, as you can see directly how a game changes with just a few slight changes to code or additional graphics and features.

This is what makes a Minecraft modding course a great place to start learning about coding.

However, whilst modding is great in its own right, game mods can also become very successful and popular and can conversely make the game famous as a haven for creative content and even whole new game experiences. Here are some of the most famous.



The realistic military shooter series Arma has been the home of countless unique modifications, some of which became so famous and so elaborate that they have become far more well known than the original series itself.

The number of games built on Arma is probably incalculable at this point, but two of the most famous are the PlayerUnknown battle royale mods that later inspired an entire genre of games and DayZ, a zombie survival game that itself inspired a whole genre of games where the real monsters are other players.



Unsurprisingly, a game that is built around creativity, clever interaction with the world and that is exceptionally friendly to modify has developed a huge community built around different game mods, to the point that some collections have nearly 300 mods installed.

From new features such as Botanica, to entirely new systems such as RLCraft to converting the game into completely different genres such as BuildCraft, Minecraft is a game for all seasons and all players.


Warcraft III

It takes a very special mod to completely overshadow a game as critically acclaimed as Warcraft III, which speaks volumes about the influential power of Defence of the Ancients: All-Stars.

Very little needs to be said about DOTA; the character-based multiplayer strategy game created a wildly new and wildly popular genre with games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 being amongst the most popular and most lucrative eSports out there.