Why choose a BlueShift birthday party?


BlueShift parties are highly interactive three-hour sessions where the birthday child and their best friends can come together via video conferencing software to learn new coding skills and share their love of tech together. One of our experienced teachers will take the group through creative coding challenges using Scratch, Minecraft or Roblox!

With England’s lockdown easing, many people will be looking forward to celebrating special occasions in person instead of virtually. However, with social distancing rules still in place, limitations on travel, and the convenience of online events, we’ve been thinking about why virtual parties will continue to be a part of the post-lockdown world. 

  1. No need to hire a venue or turn your house into party central

Birthdays are for relaxing and kicking back! We’re sure we can all agree that organising a venue and travelling there with all the children, decorations and cake is stressful. With a BlueShift party, there’s no travel at all! Simply log into Zoom from the comfort of your home, turn your camera on and you’re ready to rock and roll (plus the decorations are taken care of with the option of virtual zoom backgrounds - your living room can become the world of Minecraft within seconds!)

  1. Anyone can attend

Sometimes distance can hinder friends and family from attending a party. The beauty of video conferencing services is that anyone from around the world can join! That means the cousins from Canada and the friend that moved to Finland can join in the fun. With everyone on video, you can chat, play games and celebrate as if you were together.

  1. Highly interactive and engaging

With virtual events, everyone has a front row seat. Party guests can easily share their screens, send everyone their projects and participate in discussions as if they’re inches away from each other, not across the city or country!

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our virtual party parents have said...

“The party was wonderful. My son was super happy and told me this is exactly what he wants to have again next year, even without lockdown. I think his comments say it all. Huge thanks to the teacher Daniel whom the kids loved, and to you for arranging everything!” - Minecraft party parent

“It was wonderful! All the boys had a really great time! Thanks so much to you, especially for all your help with organising it. You made everything so easy. It was a real pleasure to have everything done in time and so caringly” - Roblox party parent

“Thank you and Calum so much for such a wonderful party. Thank you for the coordination. Calum was great and the boys had a lovely time. A perfect virtual party!” - Minecraft party parent

“The party was great! Both of my children really enjoyed it! We ran into one of the guests yesterday, and he said it was the best thing he did in months and he just wanted it to last forever. Thank you very much for organising it and our special thanks to the teachers Daniel and Yasmin! They were great!” - Anna, Minecraft Party Parent

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Interested in a birthday party with BlueShift? Our virtual parties are perfect for tech-loving children aged 6-12. Find out more here. Plus, keep an eye on our website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out when we launch in-person Minecraft parties around London in the summer!