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What is International Internet Day?

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International Internet Day

Would you argue that the Internet is the most important invention in human history? Even if you don’t think it’s the MOST important, it’s still pretty cool right? I mean, think of the world right now without the Internet. We wouldn’t be able to connect with friends online. Businesses would start to crash. And we couldn’t search for anything we wanted to at the click of a button. 

That’s why, this October the 29th, we celebrate International Internet Day! This annual celebration commemorates a special day in the history of technology and communication, when the very first electronic message was transmitted from one remote computer to another.

The creation of the Internet

The Internet, defined as a remote connection between two computers, was first achieved on October 29, 1969 by Leonard Kleinrock, Charley Kline and Bill Duvall. Kline attempted to send login information from UCLA to Duvall at Sanford and it almost worked! Kleinrock attempted to send the word “login”, and he managed to send “L” and “O” before the connection between the terminals crashed. Still, the characters “L” and “O” were the first bits of data ever sent over the first long distance computer network. Kline was able to send the complete “Login” message about an hour later.

Why International Internet Day is important at BlueShift 

As our children are growing up in a digital world, the Internet is becoming a more integral part of their lives. Not only in a personal sense, but a professional one as well. This is why at BlueShift we strive to teach your children essential digital skills using the Internet to better them for their futures. 

Some fun facts about the Internet

  • There are over 4.9 billion active internet users
  • Around 7 million blog posts get published per day
  • As of 2021, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

International Internet Day offers us the chance to celebrate the pioneers who contributed to building the internet and to reflect on how the Internet has changed the world. Enjoy your internet day.