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What Is Minecraft Modding?

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If your kids love nothing more than playing video games in their free time but you’re keen for them to learn something at the same time, why not introduce them to the wonderful world of Minecraft, a game that allows players to add their own code so they can come up with their own challenges, characters and worlds… truly making it their own.

There are all sorts of options available to you if you use mods, whether you want to change the way the world looks by coming up with a new texture pack, create new blocks or build massive structures to personalise and spend time exploring, something that without code would take a very long time to make.

It might be a good idea for your kids to start off with a small modification so they can get to grips with it and see just what can be done. What about changing the colours on some of the animals roaming around? From there, they can start building up their skills and really making the game their own.

What you as a parent will find is that your children have a fun and creative way of learning to code, so much so that they won’t even know they’re learning anything at all! To them, it’s just an extension of playtime so it’s a win-win for all.

Here at Blue Shift Coding, we run a minecraft modding online course, as well as in-person classes, that can help turn your kid’s passion for gaming into skills for life. Get in touch to find out more!