Which STEM Toys Should You Buy For Your Kids?


If you’re looking to support your child’s learning with some thoughtfully chosen STEM toys, we look into what you need to consider before buying.

While many people would think that coding and STEM activities are largely screen-based, the reach of these skills goes way beyond the computer screen, and even reach to other worlds, as seen by NASA’s recent successful flight of its helicopter drone, Ingenuity, on Mars. The geniuses behind that will have been inspired by similar STEM toys when they were young!

There’s a huge range of STEM toys available, but which ones teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a way that’s fun for kids? We have a look at some of the considerations when choosing a STEM toy.


Consider your child’s age

It might seem obvious, but it is still worth bearing in mind. The majority of STEM toys will give a recommended age range, which makes it easier to choose one that suitable for your child. Even the greatest coding robot will ultimately be unused if its intended age range is above or below your child’s age.


Choose a fun toy

It is important that kids do not feel bored when learning, as it can set the tone for a lifelong thirst for knowledge. When looking at STEM toys, carefully consider the fun factor. Thankfully, there are so many that have that in spades. Robots that kids can program to draw, microscopes with slides, and science kits with magnets are just a few.

Exploring distant planets with robots comes a bit later though!


Take your child’s interests into account

Is your child interested in building? Science? Or bugs and creepy crawlies? The best STEM toy for your child should relate to something they are already interested in. For instance, a child likes to


Select STEM toys that support creativity

Our children are the problem solvers of the future and need to develop their curiosity to rise to the challenges of the future. Look for a STEM toy that supports open-ended learning and creative problem-solving.

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