Why Back To School Is A Wonderful Coding Opportunity


As a new school year gets underway, kids may be comparing notes on what they did in the holidays. Some of that might be about places they travelled to or sports they played, but others might be coming home to tell their parents about the summer coding camps their classmate went to.

That might leave some parents wondering if they missed the boat, but there are many more opportunities for their kids to learn this important skill, not least now the schools are back. Sending your child to an after school coding camp is a great way to get them on track.

Indeed, the opportunities this may create will be great news both for them and the wider economy. A recent article by Teachwire highlighted the fact that 95 per cent of tech sector recruiters over the last year have struggled to fill vacancies, a situation that may only get worse without today’s school pupils learning the right skills.

Equally, given the number of jobs out there and the possibility that many more will be created in the years ahead, there is every reason to think that this growth in opportunities provides an exciting career opportunity that your kids could end up fulfilling by learning coding and other tech skills in their school years.

However, the article did note that some schools struggle with providing this tutoring themselves, either because they can’t decide which computer languages to teach or have issues with maintaining classroom IT systems.

That is why it helps when there are out-of-school teaching options, or partnerships where schools are supported by specialist bodies.

Even universities can benefit from such collaborations. For example, the University of Manchester recently extended a partnership with HyperionDev, which provides adult coding bootcamps.

Here in London, it is through coding camp providers like ourselves that kids can enjoy specialised after-school classes. It means they can experience a productive learning experience at the end of the school day without their school needing to have strong specialist knowledge in this area.