Why Use Programmable Robots For Kids?


Technology has become an essential part of everyday life, with devices helping us perform complicated tasks at home and work with a minimum of effort. It’s therefore important that our children develop a strong foundation in coding and technology at an early age to provide them with skills that will prepare them for the technological challenges in all aspects of their lives.

There are many programmable robot toys available on the market these days that ideal for helping to inspire and motivate kids who are learning STEM subjects with coding and computational thinking, even if it does lead to a robot that performs backflips and makes fart noises!


The instant feedback helps kids sharpen their skills

These programmable robots allow kids to see the results of their coding skills instantly, and often a much better demonstration that solely screen-based results. Kids will receive feedback which allows them to test the programming skills they will use in the real world.

The feedback will help kids learn from their mistakes and how to rectify any issue. Coding and robotics help children develop problem-solving and debugging skills through play and fun. Research has shown that robots also teach broader skills such as communication, teamwork, and creativity.


Programmable robots suit all types of learners

Hyperactive kids can get bored easily staring at a computer screen, and benefit greatly when interacting with a robot. Kids who lean towards more visual learning can watch and learn from the robot’s movements and see how their coding affects its actions. Tactile kids enjoy being able to be hands-on with the robots and seeing something they can work on practically.


It prepares kids for the digital world

The future will see more jobs related to technology, which makes it imperative that kids build strong foundations in coding and technology to become the workforce of the future.

With programmable robots, kids not only get prepared for a career as a computer programmer or engineer, but they also develop other essential skills, such as problem-solving needed for their future education and their work.

By using programmable robots, kids not only become technology users but also go on to be innovative technology creators.

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