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Why You Should Start Kids Coding Early

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With the increasing focus on technology and digitalisation in our daily lives, it makes sense to encourage your youngsters to focus on subjects and skills that will serve them well in the future.

Coding is just one of those skills and one publication recently pointed out that the earlier you can get your kids started on coding, the better.

TNW explained that coding involves learning a computer language which, to your brain, is just the same as learning any foreign language. There is considerable research that suggests learning a new language is much easier when we’re young than as we get older. As a result, if you introduce your kids to coding early, they’ll probably pick it up much more quickly than you.

However, the news provider noted that teaching your kids coding while they’re young doesn’t just benefit them in terms of their technological skills.

“Compared to other forms of numeric sciences, learning code can enhance children’s creativity,” the publication stated. It added: “Coding builds logical thinking as it requires a focus on solving a specific challenge.”

As a result, kids learn to evaluate problems from different angles and use their creativity to find the best solutions.

Although some children are set to return to the classroom in June, in England at least, many more are likely to be homeschooled for some time to come, so this is a great opportunity to sign up for kids coding courses.

If you’ve been finding homeschooling a challenge, you certainly aren’t alone. Earlier in May, FE News revealed that 53 per cent of British parents have found homeschooling their children more difficult than their day job. An online coding course could give you a bit of time while the kids are occupied learning to code.