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At Thomas's Battersea we have three after-school clubs:

  • Coding and Robotics Lower School: For the youngest students at Thomas's Battersea we teach a club based on our highly popular Mini Coders course, which introduces children in years 1 and 2 to creating with code. The club utilises Scratch Jr. - an introductory programming language that enables young children to create right from the get go. This offers early years exposure to essential programming concepts such as sequencing and loops. Indeed, at this club we aim to support the early development of foundational computational thinking; such as logical reasoning and recognising patterns. We then apply this type of thinking to fun and accessible creative projects - such as apps, games, animations and easy to understand robots!
  • Coding and Robotics Middle School: Packed full of fun projects and creative engineering, this highly creative robotics club introduces students to all aspects of robotics. Students begin by learning the basics of electronics, through experimentation with lights, motors, sensors and sound. As one of our most popular and interactive clubs, this course is perfect for allowing students to express their inner inventor, and come away with critical problem-solving, engineering, design and technology skills to complement their computing studies.
  • Coding and Robotics Upper School: This coding club introduces students to more advanced programming environments - particularly JavaScript. We introduce the basics of JavaScript programming using an educational version of the language called ‘p5.js’, used for creating digital art. Despite being a sophisticated coding language it is easy to grasp and create with, meaning even beginners will find that they will be able to make amazing creations using only a few lines of code. Throughout this Thomas’s Battersea club the students will develop their programming skills through practical hands-on projects; ranging from creating a drawing tool, making their own digital pointillist pieces, or creating their own meme generator!

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Further Information

  • Times & locations

    • Middle School Club: Mondays 16.05 to 17.00 in the Media Suite.
    • Lower School Club: Thursdays 16.05-17.00 in the Computing Suite.
    • Upper School Club: Thursdays 16.05-17.00 in the Media Suite.