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4-Yr-Old Learns To Code Before She Can Write!

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A four-year-old girl from Barking in east London has learned to code and create programs before she can even fully write or spell, with her dad teaching her how to make pictures of Peppa Pig and her other favourite cartoon characters.

According to Metro, Anshi Perla first found interest in coding after watching her parents - both of whom are software developers - work from home. It apparently took her just four days to master the technology and learn how to input commands, and she is now able to create her own application programming interface in just three minutes.

And Anshi is now working on a code that will integrate two apps so she can send selfies to friends over platforms like WhatsApp. Her parents even hope that she will develop an app before she begins primary school later in the year.

Father Akhilesh Perla said: “She’s really enjoying coding and that’s the key thing for us. ‘I think for other parents out there who want to teach their children coding, the key is to keep it visual. That way it keeps it exciting and fun for children.”

Encouraging youngsters to learn coding is a great idea, since ever-increasing focus is being placed on technology and digitalisation these days. Fostering an interest in this field will help children develop skills and build experience in an arena that will serve them very well later down the line.

Think of coding as a foreign language - it can be an awful lot easier to learn languages at a younger age, so the earlier you introduce your child to coding, the quicker they’re likely to pick it up.

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