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Top Tips To Make Coding For Kids Fun

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Coding is a highly useful skill for youngsters to learn and could lead to all manner of interesting careers for them in the future. But, as with all new skills, it can sometimes be challenging to get your kids to understand how valuable they can be.

One of the keys to getting more kids into coding is to make learning fun, and given some of the programs and games you can create with coding, you should be able to highlight the exciting outputs as one way of motivating your children and getting them to engage.

Chicago Parent recently offered some advice on how to make coding fun for your kids, especially if you’re still homeschooling them.

The first tip is to keep coding lessons short when your children are just starting out. Giving them simple tasks, such as building small and limited games, is a great way to keep them engaged, because they can make something that works relatively quickly.

Another piece of advice, which is especially relevant for older children who are becoming a bit more advanced in their coding activities, is to find them a mentor who they can work with to advance their own coding abilities.

Offering your kids prizes for completing certain milestones or creating specific programs can be another great way to keep them motivated and make the whole process fun, the news provider suggested.

Just to prove how easy it can be for kids to pick up coding, we recently highlighted the story of one four-year-old girl in London who has learned to code even though she can’t yet write. Both her parents are software developers and watching them working from home piqued her interest in coding.

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