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10 Year-Old Nigerian Girl Hired as After School Coding Club Teacher

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It’s one thing being a child who knows how to code, but quite another being so good at it that you’re actually hired as the teacher! But this is what has happened to Emmanuella Mayaki, a 10 year-old girl from Nigeria, who has recently been hired by Southfield Primary School in Coventry as the after school coding club teacher.

According to Black Enterprise, Emmanuella first discovered her passion for digital technology when she was just seven years old. By the time she was nine, Emmanuella achieved her first professional qualification, getting a diploma with a speciality in multiple software programmes, including: Advanced PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing, and Advanced Excel.

Now at 10 years old, Emmanuella has built a reputation as a coding and programming prodigy, which has led her to get her very first job as a teacher, helping other children her age to master the basics of coding, including the likes of HTML and CSS.

There are currently nine pupils in Emmanuella’s class, and numbers are set to increase in September. In a recent interview with Face 2 Face Africa, Emmanuella said: “I was pretty nervous because I had never taught a group of children. Although, my experience was sublime because I gained experience and I also enriched my skills.”

Emmanuella also has an Academy App available on Google Play, sharing her extraordinary skills and knowledge of coding and graphics, and she’s continuing to study and develop her skills, further proving that age or gender doesn’t stand in the way of being a coding and tech genius.

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