Summer coding classes for kids


Want to give your kids a headstart in coding? Our summer classes will help to set children up for a lifetime of success.

Coding – or computer programming – is what allows us to create software on computers; it gives us the ability to use apps, access websites, and use mobile phones to record audio and video files.

The popularity of coding is growing at a rapid rate, and children will benefit now and in the future by learning the basics. Our summer classes for kids will set them on a path of success.

Why is coding for kids important?

There are a number of reasons why our summer classes for kids will have a positive long-term impact on their development; it unleashes their inner creativity, allowing them to explore what is essentially another language.

An understanding of coding also fosters problem-solving ability and heightened comprehension. It increases curiosity, to look at how things work and why, as well as exploring different ways of doing things.

These summer classes for kids will not only give a vital grounding in computer programming and technology, but it will also strengthen their ability in academic subjects such as maths and science. Ultimately, learning coding throughout summer will help kids develop important life skills including greater communication and confidence.

Coding classes available for kids this summer

We offer a range of options, depending on the age of children; for younger children, Scratch is the most suitable, and for those who want to be encounter programming that is more sophisticated, Python is the preferred option.

We give children at our summer classes practical experience, rather than just explaining coding to them.

Importantly, kids this summer will have fun, creating coding that will ultimately benefit them in all walks of life.