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Could Online Education Become Permanent Alternative To School?

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Last month, teachers, parents and children were thrown a curve ball when schools across the whole country closed their doors in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus among students.

As a result, mums and dads were forced to try and educate their little ones from home, while juggling their own work demands, and teachers embarked on a distance learning strategy to ensure their pupils do not fall too far behind on the curriculum.

Due to students no longer being in the classroom, teachers have had to assign work on the internet, and many programmes have been through online education sources so everyone can access them as long as they have a computer at home.

While this has involved a shift in mind-set of everyone involved, as parents, teachers and children get used to the process more, it remains to be seen whether online learning could now be the way forward.

An article in City Journal looked at whether Covid-19 could have a permanent affect on higher education, saying: “Our colleges and universities are now engaged in the largest, most radical, and most disruptive technology-enabled pedagogical experiment since Harvard’s founding in 1636.”

In the USA, university education costs up to $70,000 (£57,000) a year and counting, which could make online education a more tempting avenue in the future, as it could save students tens of thousands of dollars a year and a huge tuition bill at the end of their degree.

The article stated: “Moving instruction online offers a unique opportunity to reinvent the traditional residential campus model.”

While it remains to be seen how things will change after schools, colleges and universities are able to open their doors again, it is clear the traditional idea of education has shifted over the last few weeks as we become more familiar with different resources for learning, including the internet. 

This includes online coding classes for kids, who can learn everything about creative coding from their bedroom.