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Use School Closure To Boost Computing Knowledge

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There has been a lot of pressure on mums and dads around the UK this week, after the government announced the closure of all schools during the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

As of March 23rd, educational establishments around the UK were shut to all pupils except those whose parents are key workers to prevent children spreading the condition to others.

However, as a result of this, parents are now left in the difficult situation of trying to work from home as well as make sure their children keep up with their education while the schools are closed.

This has been daunting for many people, who are worried their youngsters will fall behind on their English and Maths during this period. However, this could also present the opportunity for your children to develop other skills.

For instance, online kids coding courses could be a great way for youngsters to enhance their computing knowledge and give them something new and exciting to do while they are not in their usual lessons.

Children as young as six can benefit from these courses, learning how to build blocks of code with an experienced teacher.

It could also give youngsters the opportunity to speak to other people their age, as they are sure to be missing their friends. Kids will be able to explore the world of coding together, with six pupils per teacher.

By embarking on a course such as this, not only will they pick up a new skill that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives, but they can become engaged and interested in something different during a long day being schooled at home.