Eight In 10 Teachers Think Coding Kids Are Better Problem Solvers


A new study by OKdo, a global technology company, has found that children who learn computer science skills such as coding gain a range of benefits in other areas, such as problem-solving, creative thinking and maths.

FE News reports that for a new report, OKdo surveyed almost 7,000 teachers and parents in the UK, to find that 96 per cent of teachers claim to have witnessed first-hand how simpler science lessons have improved both hard and soft skills in children, as well as IT skills.

The report, titled, ‘Broader Benefits of Learning to Code', showed that overall, 82 per cent of teachers said that computer science education had boosted pupils’ problem-solving capabilities, and 68 per cent said that it has helped them develop expertise in mathematics and 60 per cent claim that computer science lessons have impacted children’s creative thinking.

Thirty-five per cent said that teaching coding can help boost children’s organisational skills and time management, and 34 per cent felt that participating in the subject has helped improve children’s ability to work as part of a team.

Nearly a fifth, 19 per cent, expressed that investing in computer science skills can help children’s overall academic performance to advance.

The sentiments were largely echoed by parents too, and more parents of children who had been taught computer science skills ranked their children’s ability in maths, writing, creative thinking, communication, and teamwork as ‘above average’ for their age when compared with children who had not taken computer science lessons.


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