Games To Be Gifted To Schools To Help Teach Coding


The sequel to the original version of a popular computer game for children comes with the advantage of helping youngsters learn coding skills - and 5,000 copies will be given away to schools for free.

Developer Denki and publisher Curve Games will be giving away the copies of Autonauts vs Piratebots to schools under new Autonauts Codes for Education (ACE) scheme, The Gamer reports.

Teachers across the UK have already been using the prequel game Autonauts in computer logic teaching, making this the obvious next step in encouraging coding skills.

Denki creative director Gary Penn noted: “Teachers have contacted Denki to let us know that they are using the original Autonauts to teach students the logic behind coding, especially as it encourages creativity and discussion.”

He added that while the game itself is simple enough, there are “tons of programming challenges disguised beneath this infectious sim”.

Each successful applicant for the games will get 30 copies, enabling a whole group of children to interact with each other as they play the game and take on the various coding challenges that come with it.

Of course, now the school holidays are upon us, any opportunity to play will have to wait for September. For that reason, now is an ideal time for parents to enrol their kids in a London coding camp, where they can build up their skills over the summer break.

That way, they can be ready if their school has got copies of the Autonauts v Pirates game, while if their school has missed out they will not be at such a disadvantage to those who do get to play it.

Children in London will be far from alone in having opportunities to learn coding over the next couple of months.

As the Dorset Echo recently reported, the county is about to hold its first Children’s Coding Day, held virtually on September 15th and aimed at youngsters aged five, six and seven.