Help Kids Learn To Touch-Type


These days, all work is done electronically, whether it is writing documents, sending emails, creating presentations, or holding meetings. Therefore, being able to touch-type is an essential skill our children will need when it comes to them getting a job. So here are some fun ways you can encourage your kids to learn how to type.


  • Websites

Firstly, you could use a specialised website to get those fingers tapping. Typeracer is a good choice, as it adds a competitive element, with typists racing against each other. Those who have got the basics and need an excuse to practice will enjoy this thanks to its gaming element.

Another popular one is Dance Mat Typing, which actually teaches kids the method of touch-typing and tests them at the end of each of the four levels. There is a song and dance in each game, making it fun and interactive for young children.


  • Online courses

The best age to teach children how to type is around seven, when their hands are the right size, and they have the attention span to concentrate. However, if your youngster is older than this and you want them to learn the skill quickly, it might be worth considering enrolling them in an online course. These vary in price and complexity, so it is important to find one that will suit your child best.


  • Specialist centres

Another option is to send your child to a specialist centre or holiday camp where they can learn to type and practice their skills alongside their peers.

It is also worth enrolling them on a summer coding camp in London, helping them learn essential coding skills, as well as typing ones.