Tips For A Rainy Summer Holiday


Parents up and down the country are preparing for the long summer break, with kids looking forward to spending days on the beach or splashing in their paddling pools. However, this is the UK, and the weather is unpredictable at the best of times, especially in the summer. So here are some things to do when the heavens open during the summer holidays. 

  • Coding camp

  • Most day camps are based outside, from tennis to cricket, windsurfing to forest school. Therefore, parents might be worried their childcare arrangements could be jeopardised if heavy downpours are forecast for the dates they have booked. 

    A summer coding camp in London, however, is weather-proof, as all the activities are based indoors. Children can learn everything from coding to animation, Minecraft modding to creative app designs and becoming more skilled at Roblox, so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored on those rainy days. 

  • Museums

  • Wake up early and prepare for a whole day out at a museum near you. Whether your child is interested in science, history, chocolate, fashion, football, or the Beatles, you will find an exhibition that will teach them everything they want to know about their favourite subject – and the best part is you’ll stay dry all day long! 

  • Climbing centres

  • You did the soft play centres when they were toddlers, and you’ve been to more trampoline parks than you can remember, but now it is time for climbing venues to take the shine. Sit back and relax as your little ones take their time scaling the huge climbing walls, feeling a great sense of achievement when they reach the top.