How To Keep Up Education Over Summer Holidays


Although it feels as though the May half-term has only just passed, parents up and down the country are preparing for the summer holidays, from booking a family trip to arranging childcare.

Something lots of mums and dads are thinking about as well is how to keep their children’s education up over the summer break, so they do not struggle to get back into the swing of learning once the new school year begins in September.

One way to do this is to send your kids on a summer coding camp in London, which kills two birds with one stone – keeping their brains stimulated while not at school and sorting out childcare problems so you can carry on with work without having to take time off.

In addition to this, Good Net recommends taking the kids to the zoo, where they can take advantage of lots of learning activities and find out more about nature.

Alternatively, you could visit museums, particularly ones with interactive exhibits that will engage their imagination and maintain their enthusiasm.

It also suggests getting your little ones to join a children’s book club, play some maths games (without them realising), or encourage them to write a book over the summer break to show to class once they go back to school.

Other good ideas from Education World include teaching kids how to cook, doing science experiments such as making bubble solution, catching a firefly and starting a rock collection, or dying white flowers into any colour of the rainbow.