Get Your Children To Learn How To Design Apps This Easter


Easter holidays are fast approaching, so parents up and down the country will be starting to panic if they do not have their childcare sorted for the school break.

One way to keep your little ones entertained is to enrol them in an Easter camp in London where they can learn how to design apps. 

These days, everyone relies on their smartphone and tablet apps, whether they need to book train tickets, find out bus times, or get points from their favourite coffee shop. Apps are taking over the communications world, so it is important the next generation not only knows how to use them, but also has a hand in creating them. 

By signing your child up to an app camp, they will learn how to design an app of their own, from developing the user interface to completing the coding to make it operational. They will also appreciate the testing process to make sure it works properly, and understand how to launch it on smart devices.

Learning how to use app development tools not only keeps them busy over the holidays, but could unleash an interest and talent that might set them up in their future careers. 

They won’t spend the whole week learning though as there are plenty of games for them to play and they can become experts by the time they head home on the last day of the camp. 

There are also other options when it comes to coding camps during the Easter holidays. For instance, younger children might prefer developing their Minecraft skills and spend the week creating their own digital realm. 

Alternatively, older kids may enjoy learning more about robotics, enhancing their coding abilities, or getting to grips with machine learning.