How Coding Can Be A Social Activity


Computer coding is not traditionally viewed as a social activity. The popular image is of the lone teenager programming into the night in their bedroom, or the employee who sits behind a screen all day with earbuds in. However, coding can also be a very collaborative and inclusive activity, especially for kids. 

Here are some of the ways in which learning to code can boost your child’s social skills.

Coding is primarily a communication tool

When we are learning to code, we are basically learning how to communicate in another language, just as if we were learning French. Not only will your child learn to think from the point of view of the end user of their computer program, but they will also learn how to communicate with the computer in the clearest and most dynamic manner.

Coding lends itself to teamwork

Contrary to popular opinion, coding is often carried out as part of a wider team. This could be part of a team working on a new computer game, or designing and building a robot, or a new website. 

When your child learns to code, they will have the opportunity to work in collaborative groups, where they will learn to communicate their own ideas, and listen to and respond to the ideas of others.

Coding helps kids find their voice

Working solo or as part of a team, your child will need to express their thoughts and ideas to a wider audience at some stage, whether that’s designers, mentors, or peers.

This can help kids become more confident in their own identity, as they will meet like-minded friends, and learn to appreciate the skills of those who are not quite like them, such as artistic kids who can come up with great gaming designs, or hands-on kids who can build a robot. 

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