How Can Minecraft Help Kids Learn To Code?


What is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a computer game which allows players to build and dismantle 3-D blocks in different types of environments. It has been compared to a digital version of Lego, and it’s affordable and accessible to kids aged 7 years and upwards. Players can play on their own, or with others online. 

It is not a traditional computer game format in that players do not accumulate points or progress up levels, but rather they have the freedom to explore a virtual world. There are two main modes: Survival and Creative. In Survival Mode, players must find their own building materials and food, and fight off predators. 

In Creative Mode, players are simply free to build their own worlds without any obstacles to overcome. Many kids love the freedom and challenge of creating an environment out of their own decision-making process, and enjoy playing either on their own or with their friends. 

Some versions of the game are suitable for kids aged 7+, and some versions are suitable for the 13+ age group. The game can be played across a range of devices, such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. If a player states that their age is under 13 when they sign up, certain features will not be accessible to them.

What are the benefits of playing Minecraft?

Minecraft is used as an educational tool in some schools, as it can teach kids many useful concepts while being a medium which they genuinely enjoy engaging with. Playing the game can encourage the development of problem-solving skills and creative design skills. It also sharpens spatial awareness and mathematical skills.

When played in multi-player mode, Minecraft can also help children to develop teamwork skills and learn how to collaborate more effectively with others. If parents are concerned about who their children may be in contact with online, they can restrict the game to single-player only mode. 

Can Minecraft help kids learn coding skills?

The majority of Minecraft’s coding language is written in Javascript, which is a popular and widely used code. It is not the most accessible starting point for beginners, but Minecraft has an in-game resource called Redstone. This is designed to help kids make modifications, or mods, to the game so that they design and build their own contraptions or monsters.

With a little help from classes or online tutorials, most kids enjoy getting to grips with this feature, which gives them a taste for the concept of computer coding without having to face anything too daunting. They are able to see the direct link between what they type into a computer programme, and what happens in the game.

There is even a special Education Edition of Minecraft which is designed to help the user drag individual blocks of code into place to create a fully working script. This helps the user see the results of their work quickly, without going into a demanding level of detail with no margin for error.

If you are interested in finding out more, you could book a Minecraft modding course today.