What Are The Benefits Of Learning Robotics?


Robotics are an increasingly popular way to introduce STEM subjects (science, maths, engineering, and technology) to children. It’s a fun and challenging subject, which gives kids hands-on experience of designing, building, and programming their very own robots. Here are some of the benefits of teaching your child robotics.

Robotics encourage creativity

Robotics is an ideal subject for children who are not naturally drawn to STEM, because it allows for creative thinking and problem solving. There are no fixed learning pathways to follow, and any mistakes just lead to new ways of looking at a problem.

Robotics is a doorway to coding

Children will learn the basics of coding when they learn about robots, in a hands-on situation where they can directly see they result of their work. This is a great way to introduce coding to children who are put off by abstract concepts, and are not keen on maths and science subjects usually. 

Robotics is an excellent career skill

At some point in the future, many jobs which people still train for today will become obsolete, because computer programming and robotics will become so advanced that they can perform many jobs roles which are currently carried out by humans. Therefore, learning robotics is an excellent way to futureproof a career.

Like learning a language, coding and robotics is one of those subjects that are best learned early in life. Skills learned when young will stay with your kids for life, because they are at the stage when the brain is most receptive to absorbing and processing new information. 

A good early introduction to a subject such as robotics, which will be in demand by employers and become ever more important in a technological future, is one of the most valuable life skills you can arm your children with. 

Robotics encourages lateral thinking

The process of building a working robot is generally not straightforward, as you can imagine! However, this is all part of the learning curve. Children will learn that there is nothing to fear from ‘failure’, and it just means that they need to look at the problem from a different angle.

So, if they build a robot that walks in circles instead of forwards or backwards, they will be keen to try and figure out the problem, and have another go. This is another great life skill that will serve them well.

Robotics improves teamworking skills

Robotics naturally lends itself to teamwork, because it needs a variety of skills. More creative children will enjoy the design process, while others will be drawn to the programming, and some to the actual making of the robot. Some children will be good all-rounders who enjoy all aspects of robotics.

The collaborative environment can help quieter children to become more confident with group work, while more domineering personalities learn the value of cooperating as part of a team. It’s a democratic process, where everyone can participate fully, and build up teamworking skills which will be valuable, no matter what path they take in life.

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