How STEM Subjects Can Help Save The Planet


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects were once considered the preserve of computer geeks, while the humanities are viewed as the ‘people’ subjects which hold more relevance to everyday life. However, these stereotypes are rapidly changing, as young people are now realising that STEM is related to every aspect of our lives today.

STEM subjects are very much concerned with how to make the world a better and safer place for people. As the recent pandemic has taught us, contagious diseases are one of the most disruptive threats to everyday life. STEM can help us to understand how viruses mutate, and how they spread. It can also find ways to contain them, and develop vaccines.

The climate crisis has also highlighted how technology can help to save the world. Young activists such as Greta Thunberg have done much to raise awareness of climate science, for example. STEM subjects can help students to understand better what the environmental problems and challenges we are facing are.

STEM subjects are also the key to finding the right solutions to the climate crisis. They can help to discover sustainable new materials which don’t use up the earth’s precious natural resources, for example.  Scientists have developed carbon capture technology which helps to reduce the volume of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The answers lie in fresh thinking and innovation in the STEM sector. Creative students who may not have had a natural inclination towards science are also beginning to discover that it is not all about following rules and formulas; and the discipline will be all the richer and more exciting if a more diverse range of students are encouraged to pursue it.

Ultimately, STEM subjects prepare students for meaningful employment, and they will be equipped with many valuable skills which are in demand from employers. These are much more than a set of academic subjects; they are a toolkit which can help to shape the future, and bring fresh insights into our planet. 

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