Top Tips To Get Your Kids Interested In Coding


Coding is a valuable and rewarding skill, which is much easier to learn than many people assume. It is often wrongly thought that you have to be great at maths to be able to code, but this isn’t true. It is a creative and logical process that will appeal to kids with a broad range of abilities.

If your child has expressed an interest in learning to code, but finds the idea a bit intimidating, or just isn’t sure how to get going, here are some tips to help them feel enthusiastic and positive about coding. Like learning how to speak a foreign language, coding skills which your kids pick up when they are young will stay with them more easily.

Link coding to real world examples

If your child loves to play computer games, encourage them to think about how the game works. There are plenty of simple programs designed for kids to build their very own computer game, for example. Coding is not just for entertainment or convenience, either. It is used in healthcare settings to provide lifesaving equipment.

Coding is now at the basis of all new scientific and technological breakthroughs, whether that’s sending a rocket to Mars or finding a cure for cancer. Once kids understand how fundamental coding is to our present and future existence, they are more likely to feel interested and motivated to know more.

Emphasise that coding is creative and fun

If your child does not enjoy maths or science subjects, they may assume that coding is not for them. In fact, many adults make this assumption as well. However, coding is as much about creating and bringing things to life as it is about numbers and formulas. 

Imagine how satisfying it is to see your own website up on screen, custom built to look and function exactly how you want it to, rather than in the straightjacket of a boring template design. Once kids understand that they can control what happens on screen with a simple line of code or two, the whole language of programming may open up for them.

Artistic children may surprise you by taking to coding in a big way, because it gives them the chance to design their own characters and settings, which they can bring to life in a computer program, a robot, or another application. The false dichotomy between arts and science subjects can be bridged by computer technology. 

Find starter programs that match their interests

All kids are different and learn at different rates. There’s no point pushing them into coding if they really are never going to be interested. However, sometimes all it takes is the right program to light the spark. For example, Scratch is a good language to start with for kids who are interested in gaming, because it lets them build their own. 

For children who are more inclined towards websites, some basic HTML and CSS coding will help to set them on the right path. You may find that a coding camp for kids is the perfect solution to kick start a lifelong enthusiasm.