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October Camps Highlights!

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Another Half-Term has come to an end, and from our littlest campers in Minis to our oldest in Innovators, we had such a great time at this year’s Rocktober camps!

Our teachers had lots of fun with their students, and our campers did a great job in absorbing and expanding new knowledge and skills - with many laughs and smiles along the way!  We had extreme Dashbot racing and disco dance parties with our Minis; Minecraft coding and learning all about Obby course physics with Adventurers; 3D modelling and robotic arms with Explorers and JavaScript designing with our Innovators group.  

Our Adventurers were taught the fundamentals of Python programming, giving them the ability to take what they learned and use it for their own projects in the future.  The kids got really skilful as they programmed their Micro:bits to make music and display a series of patterns through block programming - they also made them into SMART watches to rival the biggest Tech firms. 

We had to get into the Halloween spirit, so students made a Halloween-themed murder mystery story in Python using the strings and lists function they learned.  Then they personalised it to create their own themed story! Our Scratch campers had the challenge of creating five different games in five days and successfully produced their own twist to games like ping pong and flappy bird.  

Tech-focused camp we may be, but there’s great importance in stepping away from the screens from time to time. With some beautiful weather we were having, our campers were able to kick around a football, enjoy time in the woodland area at Notting Hill Prep and have a few games of Fussball.  

We want to thank all of the teachers, campers and operational support that made this half-term such a joy to be a part of! 

We can’t wait until our December Camps when we get to do it all over again with you while welcoming some new campers to the BlueShift crew! 

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Thanks for joining us,  BlueShifters!