What Happens at a blue{shift} Coding Camp?


Through our Creative Coding camps, we hope to empower your child to tackle challenges both coding and creative. Within one week of blue{shift} camp, your child could learn more than they do in an entire year of school. But what does a day at camp actually look like? Here, we want to share what really happens when you drop your little campers off!

9:00–10:00 AM: Peer play

(No screens allowed!) Our students work with each other building Lego castles, creating K’nex structures, and playing puzzle games. In no time, campers will break the ice, chat over their lessons, and most importantly, have some tactile learning.

10–Noon: Workshop time

Students break up into their course groups, and their teacher leads them to their classrooms. Whether your child is learning the basics of touch-typing or the intricacies of JavaScript, all of our teachers and teaching assistants have access to the newest coding lessons that we at blue{shift} have designed. However, we know that the path to coding is a personalised one, so our teachers adapt the curriculum as they see fit to create a customised learning experience for all students, no matter their ability level.

12–1 PM: Lunch time and break

The children reconvene in the lunchroom to refuel for an afternoon of fun. After lunch is finished, students get to recharge their minds and stretch with some outdoor recess. The kids get to enjoy the fresh air by kicking around a football, playing tag, or dancing around the green. In case of wet weather, indoor activities are also provided!

1–2:30 PM: Afternoon courses

Play sparks creativity! As the campers return back to their courses, they are eager to put their morning lessons into action. They build upon their coding skills, and expand their innovation through hands-on projects like Lego robots, clay animations, or custom game designs.

2:30–2:45 PM: Break

All that thinking requires a break! For fifteen minutes campers can chat, decompress, and munch on some of our provided snacks.

2:45–3:30 PM: Final lesson of the day

All of the components of that day are brought together in some final activities. Depending on the course, this might involve racing robots, presenting their Minecraft Mods or animations to the class, creating routes (and stories!) for Ozobots, and so much more.

3:30–4 PM: Award Ceremony (final day of camp)

After five days of camp, our students deserve recognition for their hard work! Each student receives a certificate of completion, cheers from their friends, and a prize from their teacher. Though this is the end of our week of camp, we know the learning does not stop there. Each student is equipped with more programming knowledge, creative thinking, and logical reasoning, and they can apply (and share!) their new skills at home or in the classroom.


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