Why Every Child Should Learn to Code


As a parent, you’ll likely have heard from at least one source that children should learn more about computer science in general, and programming in particular. But have you ever wondered exactly why? 


Learning to code gives children a toolkit for turning their ideas into real-life, working things. With even a basic knowledge of programming languages and techniques, they (and you!) will be amazed and delighted at their ability to translate their thoughts into tangible results through hardware and software.


Today’s society is incredibly technology-driven. In order to survive and thrive in this environment, all of us need to be as comfortable and confident navigating a wide range of tech platforms as we can. A working knowledge of programming and development gives children a well-rounded understanding of how the world they live in really works - and will give them the confidence to tackle any problems head on; technical or not.


All parents know that your child’s brain is like a sponge. They pick up new skills, habits, and even languages far more quickly than we do! This is why they’re inevitably the ones teaching you how the computer works, but also why we tailor our courses for children from ages five and up. Their minds are open, flexible, and hungry for knowledge.


One popular prediction is that 65% of the jobs people will be doing in 20 years do not exist yet. Careers related to computer science and data research are projected to increase faster than any other occupation. An understanding of computing and technology will be a hugely valuable asset when it comes to your child’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing job market.


Learning how to code helps develop valuable computational thinking skills. Whether your child ends up becoming a programmer or not, coding teaches critical thinking that will be incredibly useful no matter what career path he or she decides to take. With the working knowledge learned through classes like ours, they’ll develop the confidence and creativity to build their own paths and, one day, maybe even the solutions to the world’s problems.