Why Is It Possible To Build Working Computers In Minecraft?


Besides being a very popular game, a Minecraft modding course is an unconventional but very rewarding way to learn how to code, as the relatively open nature of the game means that it does not take long to create projects and see results.

Alongside learning how to mod Minecraft, the engine and its components are also robust enough that you can teach coding from within the game itself, as many items can be acquired that can replicate the components of computers in the real world.

This led to increasingly ambitious and determined players, designers and borderline alchemists designing computers out of redstone that can do anything up to and somehow including playing Minecraft whilst playing Minecraft.

Whilst the age of the game has allowed people to understand its limits better, redstone computing began as early as 2010, back when the game was still in its Alpha state.

The secret behind the capability of creating a computer is redstone and its related items, including the dust that acts as wiring, redstone torches that increase the effective range of redstone signals, redstone repeaters, redstone lamps, sticky pistons and the various buttons, levers and pressure plates that activate redstone.

In combination, this creates what is sometimes known to crafters as “redstone logic” a series of on and off signals that can be used to create binary signals and therefore binary code.

Binary code is the lowest form of computer language, with every single action your computer takes from typing a single character to loading a video game potentially reducible to an almost unfathomable amount of zeroes and ones.

This was absolutely not the intention of redstone, which is why in part large redstone projects can take literal hours to process commands, but it can theoretically be used to create any type of computer and any type of electronics if you have the patience to build it and even more to use it.

There are also command blocks, which can be used to activate console commands and allow for incredible projects, but the fact that redstone can be used to replicate in Minecraft the CPU used to play Minecraft is incredible.