Library Coding Lessons A Feature Of Summer Holidays


With the school holidays having now started, many parents will be wondering what useful things their kids can do over a six-week period until September arrives.

There will be holidays and a chance to enjoy the start of the football season for some, but also the potential for many lazy and unproductive days. However, this need not be the case.

Up in the Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington, local libraries are set to host an array of activities for youngsters that will include coding, the Scarborough News reports.

Both Bridlington Central Library and Flamborough Library are conducting ‘Code-a-Pillar  Storytime’ sessions aimed at ages 3-7, where a popular children’s story will be read, followed by games that help them understand what coding is in simple terms. It will be a great way of introducing beginners to the world of coding.

Of course, this is not so useful if you live hundreds of miles away, unless you are planning a trip to the East Riding. But fear not; a place on a coding summer camp in London could be just the thing for those spending the next few weeks in the capital.

The question of whether kids should spend their summer holidays studying or simply having fun has been much-debated, with many voices on both sides of the debate.  

Some argue that children need to keep up with their studies or get left behind. Others argue that the holidays create a space for them to develop creative and intellectual interests that don’t have the time to flourish in the busier parts of the year.

However, coding camps may just bridge the gap between these, developing a deep interest while also providing practical skills that may be of particular importance for those going on to focus on STEM subjects in the years ahead.

Sending your kids on summer holiday coding camps will definitely be about much more than just getting them out of the house for a few hours a day.