New Ofsted Report Reveals UK Maths Education Is Improving


The UK is continuing to focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, after Ofsted revealed mathematics teaching has been improving over the last few years. 

After visiting several primary and secondary schools across England, Ofsted released a report regarding the state of maths education in the country. 

His Majesty’s chief inspector Amanda Spielman said: “Despite sector-wide recruitment challenges, the picture for maths education in England has continued to improve.”

The report noted how programmes like Maths Hub are enabling teachers to enhance their knowledge, helping to provide top-quality education to pupils. 

It also noted where improvements could be made. These include students not being given enough time to master foundation knowledge, rushing through new topics quickly. 

What’s more, schools in England are finding it difficult to recruit and retain maths teachers, which is leading to inconsistent teaching for students. 

To improve this, Ofsted recommended developing a curriculum that focuses on making sure pupils have secure knowledge of different mathematical subjects and addressing gaps before moving on. 

Pupils should also be given the chance to consolidate new learning and teaching assistants should be provided with professional development training so they can understand the maths curriculum better to help students struggling with the work. 

The long summer break can also set some kids back with their maths, as they are not in the habit of practising their skills over the holiday. 

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