How To Get Your Children Interested In STEM This Summer


The long summer break is a good opportunity to get your children interested in new activities. If you are keen to encourage your little ones to enjoy STEM subjects, here are a few things you could do. 


Science projects

Staying at home during the summer doesn’t have to be boring, as there are lots of science projects they could have a go at. 

They could make slime or foam, create a colour water walk, build a sand volcano, make a mini model of the water cycle, or play with magnetic slime. 

Kids will love these experiments so much, they won’t even realise they are learning about chemistry, biology or physics the whole time. 


Go to a science museum 

Whether they are interested in video gaming, science fiction, engineering, robotics, health, or the environment, they’ll find lots to keep them engaged at their local museum. 

The Science Museum in London has a huge variety of exhibitions, interactive galleries, and events so they are sure to find something that will tap into their different interests.


Enrol in a coding camp

Alternatively, you could enrol your child in a summer coding camp in London, where they can have fun learning how to program robots, use digital media, create apps, make their own computer games, and even enhance their Minecraft play. 

This is definitely a camp kids enjoy, while opening their minds to the more complex world of STEM studies.