Why Kids Should Learn To Code This Summer


The end of the school year and the summer holidays is typically a celebration for children and a bit of a scramble for parents as they try to find ways to keep them entertained and happy. With many parents still working from home for the remainder of the year, it’ll be vital to keep the kids busy so that work can be done!

While summer activities might be limited due to the pandemic, there are still plenty of activities to be had, and some could even be funded by the government. Getting your kids to learn to code could be an ideal activity that will keep them entertained for hours, while also providing valuable life skills they will need when they reach adulthood.

Kids as young as 8 years old can start learning the fundamentals of coding, as all it requires is some basic typing and computer skills. It’s not something that’s just for the kids at the top of the class, or who are obsessed with technology. Any child can learn the fundamentals of coding and begun to create their own games and websites.

Kids will pick up problem-solving skills, which will be required for learning maths, science, and life in general as they get older. Every coding project starts with a problem that needs to be solved, whether it’s gathering data, building a fun game that needs a way to keep score or building a simple website.

Computer programmers of every level will have to spend time debugging their code, and figuring out why certain elements do not work as they should, and how to fix the problems. This problem-solving approach can help kids with the same approach to lessons and assignments in school.

It is also a means for kids to express their creativity, and while they might be using maths and science, they are creating fun games, performing silly experiments, and expressing themselves in totally new ways.


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