5 Fun Ways To Get Kids Coding


Coding will be a necessary skill and needed more and more within the coming years, so to give your child an edge on their future careers, the earlier they start learning code, the better.

Thankfully, coding need not be a chore and doesn’t have to be boring, and many apps can teach coding while also be entertaining. Here are some tips to make learning code fun.


1. Take Part in Hour of Code

Millions of children are introduced to coding through the International Hour of Code movement. This organisation’s activities are available to kids in over 180 countries, and the goal is to show how coding can be fun. As children play an Hour Of Code game, they will get a grasp of what coding is and what it can do.


2. Create Content from Scratch with Scratch

Programming language Scratch is designed especially for children and allows them to create interactive stories, animations, and games. Young students can modify stories and games created by others or can create their own, before string their results with others in a vibrant online community.


3. Create Mods for Games

As children expand their coding skills, they can explore by building mods for video games in real-world languages such as Java. Minecraft is an exceptionally popular game and does have its own mods, but it can be fun for kids to build their own mods, creating custom swords, food, armour, and much more.


4. Encourage Exploration

When you make coding a fun thing for kids to do and you approach it all with gusto and excitement, kids will naturally become interested in learning how to code. By encouraging exploration and getting them to think about ‘what will happen if I do this?’ they will experiment and work out solutions for themselves.


5. Demonstrate How Creative Coding Is

Children love to create and make things, so get them interested in coding by demonstrating how coding is all about creativity. Sure, there is science, mathematics, and problem solving too, but coding is all about making ideas come to life.


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