Great Western studios, 65 Alfred road, london w2 5EU

Mon-Fri, 9.30am-6pm

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our aim is to enable and encourage children aged 5 to 14 to be digital creators, and to support their parents and teachers every step of the way. We want to teach all children, whether they're naturally inclined to learn to code or not, about the things they can make and do with code.

our courses

Our Vision

We believe that if taught with a focus on creativity, learning to code will not only equip children with the technical skills they need to excel in the future, but will also teach them critical problem solving skills.

our courses

Our Services

We run after-school clubs at a growing roster of schools, workshops and camps. Our courses have looked at everything from designing wearables to 3D printing to creating VR experiences with code.

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Our Teachers

Our superstar teachers come from a diverse range of academic and creative backgrounds - from digital artists to software engineers. Find out more about them here!
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The blue{shift} Story

We have been offering clubs, camps, and workshops in West London for over five years - learn about how we got started and why we do what we do here.
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In the office

Heather Lyons

Founder & Director

Heather has worked in digital media since 1999. She was bitten by the tech bug early on and excitedly began building apps and websites as soon as she left school. Heather has taught computer-based design at the Architectural Association, has a Masters degree in Architecture from Princeton University and has done further advanced study in Computer Science at UCL. Heather also has 3 young children.

Mat Rodger

Business & Operations Manager

Mat has been working in tech startups for over five years, having previously worked in the book publishing industry. He has a First Class BA from the University of London. He looks after the business side of things for blue{shift}, including finance, HR, and recruitment. He likes beer and heavy metal and lives in East London with his wife and young daughter.

Laura Satkauskaite

Event Operations & Communications Manager

Laura is the go-to field operations person at all of our camps and looks after all matters related to the smooth running of each event. She manages the planning, staffing, sales, and delivery of our main products - keeping campers, parents, and teachers alike in the loop at all times! She holds a degree in Media and Communications from Bournemouth University.

Jordan Wu

Creative Technologist, Content Coordinator & Educator

Jordan is a digital artist and has a BsC in Digital Arts and Computing. He works as the Creative Technologist and Educator for blue{shift}. Jordan has a keen interest in virtual reality, developing new ways for immersive experiences, through programs and games.

Josh Wallis

Marketing Intern

Josh helps us in the office with social media, marketing, and generally spreading the word. He's also on hand at coding camps so be sure to say hello!