Explorers: Ages 6-8

Animation and Coding (single day booking)

This super-creative course - perfect for budding artists, designers and visual storytellers - introduces students to the animation process and explores a variety of techniques.
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Suitable for beginners
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Each day of this camp will focus on developing students' understanding of the animation process from start to finish. Students will explore a variety of different filmmaking and storytelling techniques, such as claymation, istopmation, Scratch animation and green screen. Children will learn how to storyboard, create their own characters and build animated storylines through the medium of each of these animation styles. At the end of each day, your child will have a fun and original recording to present in class and share with friends and family.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn how to create an animation from start to finish and explore different animation techniques. They will gain an understanding of how to create a storyboard, develop their stories, build characters, and more. They will learn how to use Scratch and Stopmotion applications, as well as how technology can help enhance their short films like recording sounds, making cuts and adding credits.

Information for parents

This is a highly creative course for children who have an endless imagination and a passion for art, animation and storytelling. This course does not focus on teaching coding principles but rather on how to use technology for storytelling. Therefore, no coding experience is required.

Camp structure

This is a sample schedule for a typical day at camp. In between each lesson there will be a 15-minute snack break, or a 1-hour lunch and play break.
10.00 - 11.00
Lesson 1
First off we'll get to know our teacher and classmates through some great mini games. Once we're all friends, we'll be introduced to our activity for the day. Let's jump in to coding!
11.15 - 12.30
Lesson 2
Now that we've had a healthy snack, we're ready to get right back into our activity. We'll carry on flexing our creative muscles by designing, coding and building our project.
13.30 - 14.45
Lesson 3
Let's refocus after lunch and playtime by diving into building our robots!
15.00 - 16.00
Lesson 4
It's time to finish off our project for the day and show it off to the rest of the class. Time has flown by - lets tidy up our work stations, pack up our things and get ready to go home!
My favourite part was creating a storyboard!

Student, aged 7


Illness policy

Campers should not be brought to camp if they are displaying signs of illness. In the case of a camper who has become ill during camp hours, parents will be notified immediately to pick their child up. If a child misses a day or multiple days of camp because of an illness, credit towards another camp can be arranged for when they're feeling better.

Refund policy

You can cancel your camp booking up to 30 days prior to the start date. If you want to cancel your camp booking between 29-14 days prior to the start date, your refund will be processed as credit towards future camp bookings. If we are unable to run our camps, you will be able to receive credit or a refund


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  • "Thank you BlueShift for doing such a great job. My son is so excited about coding and learning made fun."

    Natalia, parent

  • "These courses are an amazing way to get kids interested in coding and robotics. Fun and educational"

    Isabel, parent

  • "My son was very keen to advance in programming. Not only has this been achieved, but his self-esteem has been greatly raised through your work. Thank you!"

    Marcos, parent

  • "The teachers have been excellent, full of enthusiasm and patience making the whole experience really fun"

    Angela, parent