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Welcome to the first term of After-School Clubs of the year at Caldicott School! We're excited to bring you two new after-school clubs. You can read more about the clubs down below.
Age Coding Club: Year 5 to Year 6. Senior Coding: Year 7 to Year 8.
Difficulty Level Coding Club: Suitable for all students. Senior Coding: Suitable for those with some coding experience.
Autumn Term 2022
Every week from from 15th September to 8th December (excluding half-term)
Date & Times Thursdays / Coding Club (4.45-5.45pm)
Thursdays / Senior Coding (6.30-7.30pm)
Price £198.00
Any questions?
Please email; we'll be more than happy to help!

Coding Club

This club introduces children to a platform called ‘Bitsbox’. It’s a great introductory format for JavaScript as it allows children to learn about the intricacies of text-based coding languages easily. 

In this club, students will learn about the differences between Scratch and Bitsbox by working on their own Bitsbox projects. They’ll build apps, program an interactive quiz, and create their own Angry Birds game.Students will gain important computer literacy skills, learn simple JavaScript concepts, and create their own original work.

Senior Coding

Python is one of the most commonly-used programming languages in the world, favoured by both academic institutions and professional industries like Facebook, Google and NASA. 

In this club, students are introduced to text-based programming by working on simple creative challenges, like building apps and creating graphics. They’ll learn the fundamentals of Python, and gain the core computing skills and confidence to move on to more complex Python projects and applications.

Coding Club
Digital Skills Club

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