Hampden Gurney CoE Primary School - After School Clubs

Welcome to our first term of the new academic year at Hampden Gurney CoE School! We're excited to bring you two clubs: A Monday Coding Club, and a Friday Coding Club. You can read more about each down below.
Age Monday Coding Club: Year 2 to Year 3. Friday Coding Club: Year 4 to Year 6
Difficulty Level Monday Coding Club: Suitable for all students. Friday Coding Club: Suitable for all students
Autumn Term 2022
Every Monday and Friday from 12th September to 9th December (excluding half-term)
Date & Times Mondays / Monday Coding Club (3.45-4.45pm)
Fridays / Friday Coding Club (3.45-4.45pm)
Price £96.00
Any questions?
Please email hello@blueshiftcoding.com; we'll be more than happy to help!

Monday Coding Club

Aimed at students who are new to the coding world but with some past experience of Scratch, our Scratch: Mini Games course teaches a block-based language to develop important coding skills whilst working in a collaborative atmosphere developing multiple game and app projects. From designing their own ball catch ‘pong’ game, animating sprites and characters, to more advanced Scratch concepts such as conditionals and loops, this course is perfect for coders who are ready to dive into fun, hands-on projects and challenges.


Friday Coding Club

What could be more fun than going behind the scenes of your favourite game? 

In this fun club we channel children’s passion for Minecraft into key digital skills. Students will use a block-based programming language to code and create their own in-game items and structures, and learn how to use key coding concepts like loops, functions, variables, and conditionals. 

Monday Coding Club
Friday Coding Club

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