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Welcome to the first term of After-School Clubs of the year at Ibstock Place School! We're excited to bring you a new Coding Club. You can read more about the club down below.
Age Coding Club: Year 3 to Year 6
Difficulty Level Coding Club: Suitable for all students.
Autumn Term 2022
Every Thursday from from 8th September to 1st December (excluding half-term)
Date & Times Thursday / Coding Club (4-5pm)
Price £198.00
Book now
Any questions?
Please email hello@blueshiftcoding.com; we'll be more than happy to help!

Coding Club

In this course, students  use Scratch to learn key game-making concepts. They will  explore the exciting world of game design, looking specifically at the mechanics, features, and programming needed to make a fully-functioning platform game. Freedom of expression is key within this course - students can customise their creations, including the goal, characters, scenery and music, making each of their games unique! This course covers more advanced game-making techniques and is aimed at students who are familiar with Scratch.

Coding Club

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