Private tuition in person

In-Person Tuition

Age 5-14
Difficulty Level Suitable for all children, regardless of experience. Specifically formulated for each individual student.
Online private tuition is available throughout both holiday and term times. Please note: the time you select for your trial will be the time we schedule for your future sessions (unless otherwise agreed).
Price £0.00

Core topics

Scratch Jr.


Javascript (with Bitsbox)

JavaScript (with p5.js)


Game design


Specialist topics




Coding and Robotics

App Creation


3 easy steps to book online private tuition

  • 1 1
    Contact us, we can help you choose the right teacher
  • 2 2
    Look at out teacher page, this will help see what topics we offer
  • 3 3
    See if you want friends to join! With in person tution you can learn with friends



  • Can I book individual days?
  • Can I use an iPad/tablet or a Chromebook instead of laptop/PC?
  • Is adult presence required?
  • Can I make the session more private?
  • "I love Minecraft Education, I am learning to create my own world!"

    Josh aged 8

  • "With coding, you're not just learning a new language – you're opening doors to a world of endless possibilities"

  • "My teacher is amazing and I am learning so much!"

    Daisy aged 10

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