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Welcome to the Spring Term of after-school clubs at King Alfred School! We're excited to bring you our Coding Club; Roblox. You can read more about the club down below.
Age Coding Club: Year 4 to Year 6.
Difficulty Level Coding Club: Suitable for all students
Spring Term 2024
Every Monday from 15th January to 25th March (excluding half-term from 12th-19th February)
Date & Times Mondays / Coding Club (4-5pm)
Price £180.00
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Any questions?
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Coding Club; Roblox

Is your child Roblox mad? Join us as we use the popular online game to learn the fundamental concepts of practical game design and development!

Throughout the term students will create their own unique Roblox game which they can publish and play with their friends!

Students will be introduced to Roblox and Roblox studios, where they can start creating their own games.  They will cover the principles of practical game design and development, Lua programming and world building, learning game design fundamentals such as player controls, collisions and more! The concepts they gain an understanding of can be applied to any language, setting them up for future courses and projects. 

Coding Club

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