Oratory Primary School - After School Clubs

Welcome to our first term of After School Clubs at Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School! We're excited to bring you two clubs: A Mini Coders club, and an Advanced Coding club. You can read more about each down below.
Age Minis: Year 1 to Year 2, Advanced: Year 3 to Year 6
Difficulty Level Mini Coders: Suitable for beginners. Advanced: Suitable for all students
Autumn Term
Every Thursday from 15th September - 8th December (Excluding Half-Term)
Date & Times Thursdays / Mini Coders (3:40-4:40pm)
Thursdays / Advanced Coding Club (3:40-4:40pm)
Price £108.00
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Any questions?
Please email hello@blueshiftcoding.com; we'll be more than happy to help!

Mini Coders:

Designed specifically for our youngest students with no previous technological experience, our Mini Coders course starts with basic ICT skills and computing concepts to introduce children to the exciting world of coding. Our specially designed activities allow your child to develop their programming skills using Scratch JR, an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own stories, animations and games. An emphasis is placed on freedom of expression, as our project-based learning encourages children to freely express their creativity as they write and modify code!


Advanced Coding:

In this course, students use Scratch to learn key game-making concepts. They will explore the exciting world of game design, looking specifically at the mechanics, features, and programming needed to make a fully-functioning platform game. Freedom of expression is key within this course - students can customise their creations, including the goal, characters, scenery and music, making each of their games unique! This course covers more advanced game-making techniques and is aimed at students who are familiar with Scratch.



Mini Coders
Advanced Coding Club