Wetherby Kensington - After School Clubs

Welcome to our first term of After School Clubs for the year at Wetherby Kensington! We're excited to bring you three new Clubs. You can read more about them down below.
Age Coding Club: Year 3. Lego Robotics: Year 2. Mini Coders: Year 1
Difficulty Level Coding Club: Suitable for all students. Lego Robotics: Suitable for all students. Mini Coders Club: Suitable for beginners.
Autumn Term 2022
Every week from from 13th September to 8th December (excluding half-term)
Date & Times Tuesdays / Coding Club (3.45-4:45pm)
Wednesdays / Lego Robotics (3.45-4:45pm)
Thursdays / Mini Coding (3.45-4:45pm)
Price £180.00
Any questions?
Please email hello@blueshiftcoding.com; we'll be more than happy to help!

Coding Club

This introduction to coding is the ideal way to equip your child with brand new coding and computer skills, and develop positive computing habits. We start children on their coding journey with the block-based language Scratch. This allows children to learn key coding concepts without being distracted by tricky typing. 

Using our award-winning curriculum, focusing on creativity and practical coding applications, we will lead the class through a series of tutorials, looking at key parts of block-based coding to create animations, games, and more. Children will come away having learnt something new, having created something unique, and having had fun! 

Lego Robotics

In this hands-on club, students will develop their coding, design and engineering skills as they use the block-based coding language Scratch to program their very own LEGO robots. Students will learn how to use key engineering tools, like sensors and motors to build racing car robots, plus we'll get creative with programming to make spirographs. This fun course allows room for creativity and contests through in-class games and competitions, including our very own version of Robot Wars!

Mini Coders

The perfect introduction to technology, designed specially for our youngest learners.
In this interactive club, young children are introduced to coding and technology through short accessible activities that require no previous experience. Students will have fun making their very own robots using basic robotics, and developing basic coding skills using Scratch Jr.This is an introductory programming language designed specifically for young children.

Coding Club
Lego Robotics
Mini Coders

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